TIBCO Spotfire Interview Question and Answers-Part 2

1. If i want to see the outlier which visualization i need to use?
Ans : Scatter plot.
2. Are you able to edit the marking, the name and color?
Ans : Yes, from the Document Property, we can change the marking properties based on your requirement.
3. Can we use different filters in different pages?
    I need two pages with different filtering , how can you implement?
Ans : We can use filtering schema to apply different filter.
4. Tell me the way you created the dashboard using IL (information link).
Ans : First create the data source, then take the columns you wanted for dashboard and save in a folder in the library. If using multiple tables, create the joins. Finally create the IL. Add data from library to access the IL to the front end.
5. Which version of Spotfire you are working on?
Ans : Say only the one you worked, because the next question will be the difference you find in both .
Interview Questions and Answers
 6. What are the various visualization used in the Spotfire?
Ans : You can tell the one you are able to recollect. If possible tell them the importance and the use of one or two.
7. Is there any difference between the terms Data on Demand & Details on Demand?
Ans : Data on Demand is one of method we used to adding data and Details on Demand is the way of displaying the detailed view of data.
8. Have you heard about personalized information link?
Ans : Yes, using this method we can filter the users to view the dashboard. 2 parameters are used for this. CURRENT_USERS AND GROUP_USERS, from version 6 onwards there is one more named CURRENT_USER_DOMAIN
9. Have you ever created dashboard using procedures with input parameter ? If your answer is yes , definitely the next question will be how?
Ans : You can create the procedures through IL, instead of table columns create procedures. While creating the procedures there is one option to select the query type. If it is with input parameters change that to post - query, write default values and save. Create IL using the procedure, and refresh the parameters to get the values.
10. Is it possible to create drop down filter?
Ans : Yes, using the text area you can create drop down filter.
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