Installation of TIBCO Spotfire

 Three major core components of the Client-Server architecture of TIBCO Spotfire are
1. TIBCO Spotfire Professional
2. TIBCO Spotfire Server.
3. TIBCO Spotfire Web Player.
Installation is normally TIBCO Spotfire Admin’s task. The precondition for the installation is.
A native Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server database where the Spotfire User testimonial can be saved such that the initial Log in is possible.
After the RDBMS set up, the Spotfire server has to be installed. Within the Spotfire server the position of the RDBMS has to be mentioned & later on, a very simple Set up wizard opens where at the end of the installation, the connection string to the database has to be provided for the completion of the installation.
During the Server setup there are two main things which have to be kept in mind i.e. providing a proper port number to the configuration console & the Spotfire Server. These port numbers are important because after the installation both the Configuration console and Spotfire Server can be accessed over a browser on these particular port numbers.
Spotfire Installation

For example
After Installation of the Spotfire server, the Spotfire Admin has to configure few important settings in the Spotfire Configuration Console for the Spotfire server to function. So, after the set up type the URL similar to which is represent above for the configuration console to open. In this configuration console one has to configure a Spotfire Server with its port number which he/she had mentioned through the installation. After the configuration we have to make sure that the server has to be started, this can be done within the same console.  After the spotfire server configuration, a user must be created within the same console and should be assigned Administrator privileges.
After this step the server URL can be opened and accessed through the administrator user which had been setup in the Configuration console. In this Server console we can add users, assign them to various security groups.
 After the User creation, an initial deployment has to be done on the server which has all the spotfire features. This file is has an expansion “.sdn”  which can browsed locally and deployed on the deployment tab of the server console. This finishes the Installation and deployment of a TIBCO Spotfire Server.
After the Spotfire Server set up, Spotfire professional has to be installed and during the Spotfire professional installation, a SERVER URL must be specified, through which the Spofire professional client communicates with the server. It is a very simple wizard which can be installed very easily. After the completion of the installation a Desktop icon can be seen, the double click event of this icon will begin a small window where the user has to enter the credentials which have been created for him/her in the Spotfire Server console. The user has to make sure that Server URL is mentioned in the same window and it is accessible.
After the Spotfire professional is installed, there would be a similar installation for the web player server .Similar to professional during the web player installation a Spotfire Server URL has to be specified and installation has to be completed.
Note : Spotfire Server can be Activated through Window Service also.
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